All Pink Barbie-Inspired Kitchen

Published on 9 March 2024 at 05:56

If you're as obsessed with Pink (and the Barbie Movie) as I am then this is the kitchen for you. 

I'm going to add to this page as I find new things because the possibilities endless. 


Pink goes fab with a light grey/white kitchen theme - like this first image below - but keep it pastel cause we are classy. 


Please note this page contains affiliate links - which means for any purchases made through them I receive a small commission at no added cost to you. 

All The Essentials In One Go

This 22 piece set is the perfect starter for your pink inspired kitchen. 

Heat proof silicone, hangable and has everything you need. 


Alos has 4.5 stars with over 1000+ ratings

Rice and Grain Cooker

It's way cheaper to buy dried rice then pre-cooked. With a family of 4 you will have saved money after 6 meals because you have switched to dried rice.


Also we have to have a pink one. 

4.4 stars with over 8,000+ ratings. 

Chopping Boards to Match

This pastel colour pallet is to die for and the pink can be switched out with any other pastel colour. 


This is a 3 piece chopping board set. 

14 Piece Knife Set with Scissors

There's nothing better than cutting with a fresh knife. 


If you love your current knives but want to slowly adjust your kitchen colour pallet - check out this PINK KNIFE SHARPENER here. 

Extendable Pink Strainer 

Fits any sink, Rinse off nasty fruit chemicals, strain pasta alone without have the strainer touch the sink. 

This thing is the ultimate addition. 

10 Piece Pink Kitchen Pan Set

Once you have this set you have covered all bases for anything you want to put in the oven or the fridge. 


These don't quite match the pastel aesthetic but they are super cute and go in the cupboard right? ;)

Jars With Spoons

Overnight Oats, Miso Meal Prep, Yoghurt cups, Homemade Oils,. These are a very handy addition. 

View a bunch of recipes these jars are useful for in my 'Hacky Kitchen' tab. 

13 Piece - Shredding - Dicing - Slicing Tool

Everyone that has one of these will tell you it has changed world - saving you so much time in the kitchen and it has 13 functions.  


And it's pink so it it's better. 

Paper Towel Holder

This one is just generally handy to keep your paper towel dry and out of the way. 


8-Inch - Non-Stick Frying Pan 

How has there not been a frying pan yet? 

Not even for your whole pink kitchen - this would suit any kitchen.

Pink Coffee Machine

If you have space and also have a coffee every morning, you should definitely invest in a coffee machine. It will save you so much money in the long run. 

Spoon Rest

I've said it before, I'll say it again - you need a spoon rest in your Kitchen. 



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