10 Wacky Spoon Rests on Amazon

Published on 26 February 2024 at 10:05

I've found 10 weird and wonderful spoon rests that you can buy on amazon to bring a unique touch to your next bolognese night while also helping you to keep it clean. 


Cleanliness combined with creativity? We love it!

This page is dedicated to the wackiest spoon rests I have found on amazon. 


From cooking to serving - these are great for the bench while cooking those saucey foods, the table to serve the mash and the gravy and not get the tablecloth trashed or the porch table out the front for your coffee spoon when you get to the end of the cup. 


These are both Wacky & Hacky, festive and Aesthetically pleasing, with one to suit every kitchen colour pallet. 


Disclaimer - This blog contains affiliate links,. That means that I am awarded a small commission for purchases made through them, at no added cost for you.

10. Ravioli

My Personal Favourite just because it's so funny and cute, the colour is not too bad either.  

Also a perfect shape to clean and store. 

RATING: 4.8 star rating out of almost 3,000+ reviews


9. Avocado

For the avocado lovers. This one is flat enough to double as a little plate or a tea cup holder.

Also would be cute as a little decorative piece.

RATING: 5 stars but only one rating - this will be a unique piece

8. Rock & Roll Hand

This one is the wackiest - can also hold the lid of your pot just slighty up so it doesn't bubble over 

RATING: 4.8 stars 9 ratings

7. Toast (Spoon Me)

'Spoon Me' a classic pun but had to be in at least one of them. This will also fit toast so perfectly. 

RATING: 4.7 stars 41 ratings

6. Wave

Multiple spoons for when your juggling 3 saucy dishes at once.

Would also go great on the dinner table for all those serving spoons.


RATING: 4.7 stars 16 ratings

5. Crab

Off the bench all together? Perfect!


RATING: 4.5 stars and over 5,000+ ratings

4. Sauce Splat

The Irony of this one - also has the most drip catch space.


RATING: 3.8 stars and over 7 ratings

3. Pumpkin

Festive! If your thinking a halloween dinner is on the cards this could be a great addition to the table or even while you cook up a storm.

Amazon has matching mugs and plates with this one that are very cute!


RATING: 4.7 stars and over 42 ratings

2. Cactus

This one is so cute it gves me the vibe of  jewllery holder while you wash dishes or even in your room.


RATING: 4.8 stars and over 400+ ratings

1. Hug Doug

This one is fun and saves a spoon rest all together.


RATING: 4.6 stars and over 300+ ratings


The most practical of the bunch. It's not wacky just handy - easy to clean - holds multiple spoons - comes in heaps of colours and has a 4.7 out of 37,000 reviews. 

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