Leafy Green Kitchen

Published on 28 February 2024 at 12:24

Leafy Green Jungle-esque options for your rustic kitchen.


This page is dedicated to leaf themed kitchen items that I have deemed super cute.


These are Wacky & Hacky, festive and Aesthetically pleasing. A kitchen colour pallet we can all agree with.  


Disclaimer - This blog contains affiliate links,. That means that I am awarded a small commission for purchases made through them, at no added cost for you.

Salad Spoon

Salad Spoon, Serving Spoon, Pasta Spoon - this one is handy for and occasion.

RATING: 4.8 stars with almost 2000 ratings


Heat Mat

This one is a must have! Handy for putting hot pots on the table, use them as place mats or even a chopping board

RATING: 4.7 stars with 55 ratings

Spoon Rest

We are well aware that I love a good spoon rest, they are multi-use and look cute even when they aren't being used. 

RATING: 4.4 with 25 ratings

Tea Cup

Live your fairy garden tea party fantasy with this hand made gem. 

RATING: 4.8 stars with 48 ratings

Snail Pot Plant

Snails love leaves and the colour pallet matches perfectly - Perfect for your windowsill herbs or even a sponge holder. 


RATING: 4.5  stars 14 ratings


I would buy this in a heart beat if I didn't already have 3 different ones. Matches the vibe for you jungle-esque kitchen.  

RATING:  3.8 The reviews do say it is a bit smaller in person.

Beeswax Food Wraps

These are super wholesome and environmentally friendly and you get 11. I originally had leafed shaped beeswax wraps but they only had 2 stars. 


4.9 stars

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