Kitchen From the Future

Published on 15 April 2024 at 15:08

Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen space with these technologically advanced kitchen items. 

Impress everyone with your high tech, highly efficient and time saving kitchen. 


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Temperature Controlled Heated Smart Mug

Ever let your coffee go cold while running around in the morning or you tea go too cold when waiting for it to cool down. 

Not anymore, the future is now. 

Touch Screen Toaster and Grilled Sandwich Maker

This one is so cool. Choose to just toast, reheat or defrost bread OR you can make an entire sandwich and grill it in the foldable Panini press that slots in.

Turning 2 appliances into 1 and saving you space in your cupboards as well. 

Kettle that Boils to the Perfect Temperature for the Tea You're Drinking

Did you know the optimal boil temperature for each type of tea is different. 

Green Tea - Best boil temp is 180F

Coffee - Best boil Temp is 205F

This jug knows them all and will do it for you. 

Table Top Oven with an Air Fryer

It's sad sometimes how you can only fit a two person meal in an air fryer - but not with this one. 


You can keep this running while still cooking your roast veg in the oven and stop your chicken from drying out after opening and closing it. 


This would also be a great additional to the man cave so you can have chicken nuggets whenever you want. 

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug

No time to stir in your sugar before you run out the door? No worries, just throw it all in this mug and walk out. 


This would also work for any supplement powders, Chocolate milk or Salad dressings. 

Futuristic Fruit Bowl

This bowl just looks like it is from the future and I think it works well with the theme. 


The could be cute to hang your mugs on. 

Self Dispensing Dish Soap

It's always so annoying to try and re-soap the sponge with your wet hands, whack this on the bench when you are washing dishes and feel like someone is giving you a hand. 

Then tuck it away under the sink when you're done. 

This could also work for Hand soap, hand sanitiser, even a vodka dispenser for the perfect amount in your drink everytime. 

Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set with Adjustable Coarseness

This actually matches the air fryer further up, adjustable coarseness depending on the dish, someone take my money. 

3 in 1 Cooker

Its always hard to time your cooking so the toast is ready at the same time. 

Perfect for a college student who lives alone, you can make the best breakfasts in the comfort of your dorm room. 

Or you can just hide from the kids and pancakes in your room. 

10-cup Thermal Specialty Drip Coffee Maker

WiFi Enabled Voice-to-Brew Technology

A smart home kitchen essential, this coffee maker is so sleek and stylish, kind of looks like its out of a spaceship or a black mirror episode. 

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