Best One Use Kitchen Items To Make your Life Easier

Published on 20 April 2024 at 03:28

These kitchen items have one job so you know they will be great at it. Some of the best time/space saving gadgets around. 


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1. Lemon Saver Container

The Cutest Lemon Container I have found. 

There are also ones for Avocados, Tomatos and Onions

2. Cherry Tomato Chopper

It takes so long to chop all the cherry tomatos for a salad. This would save so much time. 

3. Lemon/Lime Squeezer

This is a time saving staple, it is so much nicer having fresh lemon in drinks, cocktails and cooking. 

4. Apple Slicer

Get you midday snack ready in seconds before you leave in the morning.

5. Garlic Mincer

I use this almost everyday, I would highly recommend investing in one of these for fresh garlic in your cooking all the time. It's way better than jarred stuff. 


Spend 20 minutes mincing your own garlic into a jar and adding some oil to have it ready to throw into cooking all the time. 

6. Avocado Holder

Keep your Avo fresh with this kitchen staple. 

7. Crinkle Cut Potato Chopper

8. Corn Butter Spreader

OK, you can probably live without this one but it's pretty fun. 

9. Sandwich Container

A Container specifically for sandwiches. You can use it for other things of course and then it is just a fun shaped container. 

10. Squirrel Shaped Toast Tongs

Never burn your fingers again

11. Electric Dumpling Maker

Rolling the Perfect Dumpling every time.

12. Toast Holder

This is great for breakfast so your toast doesn't get soggy stacked on top of each other. 

This can also hold napkins when not in use. 

13. Milk and Cereal Separator bowl 

I'm not a fan of soggy cereal, usually pour a little bit in at a time (sue me). 

Wish I had one of these as a child. 

14. Tomato Slicer

We all know the pain of chopping a tomato. 

Also would work for an onion. 

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