Kitchen Storage Hacks

Published on 31 May 2024 at 14:31

Maximising freshness, organise your fridge/pantry, and reduce your food waste with these handy gadgets and tips. 


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Plastic wrap, Foil and Snack Bag Holder

This one is food adjacent and I'm a big fan of containers instead of plastic wrap, but you obviously will need it on the odd occasion so why not make it look super cute. 


This can go on the bench or in the draw lying down. 

Flat pack Frozen Vegetables

Buy in bulk it's cheaper, then separate the vegetables into dinner specific portions. 

Here are some ideas - 

Stirfry - Bell Peppers, Carrots, Green beans or snow peas, baby corn, Onion.

Curry - Potatoes, Carrot, Snow peas, Onion

Pie - Potatoes, Carrot, Onion, Mushroom

Freeze Leftover Tomato paste in a re-useable zip lock bag. 

We never use the whole thing of tomato paste when cooking and the rest goes off in the fridge. 

You can even press lines in with the back of a knife and freeze it into easily breakable pieces.

Freeze it for the next time you need it, saves you money and food waste. 

BONUS - Freeze them in an ice tray for portion sizes ready to grab when you need them. Click here for more ICE TRAY HACKS

Herb and Veggie Glass Storage Containers

Use these for Carrots, herbs, homemade pickles and more.

Fill with a small amount of water in the bottom for Herbs and fill the whole thing to keep chopped carrots, cucumbers or bell peppers fresher for longer. 

Lift it up for easy drainage and take out as many as you need. 

Also fits in the door of your fridge. 

Food Shaped Storage Containers 

Keep your food fresh and fun with this adorable food storage container.  Perfect for storing snacks or leftovers in a playful way!

Paper Towel in with Salads & Herbs

You can stick a dry paper towel in with salads and greens to help them last longer,  even put it into the bag that they came in to save time. 

Top 6 Food Storage Containers

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