Sunflower Themed Kitchen

Published on 17 March 2024 at 04:15

Theres nothing that screams springtime more than a fresh sunflower - make your house always feel like spring with these cute sunflower themed accessories. 


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Sunflower Paper Towel Holder

Very cute - could double as a toilet roll holder in your bathroom.

Sun Flower Spoon Rest

Spoon Rests are so versatile and handy, this can also be a jewellery holder or butter dish, a mini plate for an afternoon snack or tea cup. 

A cute ashtray if you're into that. 

Another Sunflower Spoon Rest option here.

Sponge Holder

Or Toothbrush holder, Envelope Holder, Napkin Holder, Toast Holder, Soap, Recipe book Holder, chopping board holder. 


Fridge Magnets - 12 Piece

This is only $12  for 4 of the cutest fridge magnets on the market. 

Sunflower Butter Dish

I love my butter dish, the stick butter is cheaper and some brands are even healthier. 

It feels wholesome to keep it on the bench to use whenever, I keep a little knife in with mine as a time saver. 

Butter Dish With Knife Here

Flameless Candles - 3 Pack

A little pizzazz to the dinner table, keep them on the windowsill for a pop of colour, outside dining table for mood lighting, in the garden for that resort feel. 

Sunflower Tea Towel

Gotta have a cute Tea Towel to match - there are so many different options for cute Tea Towels on Amazon. 


Sunflower Kitchen Mats

Not limited to the Kitchen - these can go in the bathroom, at the front door or in your bedroom. 

There are super cute and wholesome. 

Sunflower Utensil Holder

This also doubles as a plant pot, or a wine bucket/punch bowl for a dinner night. 


Having a utensil holder is the best thing I did while renting while you can't drill into anything, it's so easy to pack my spatulas away after cleaning and the holder is useful for so many other things. 

White Sunflower Utensil Holder Here 

Sunflower Wooden Utensils

To go with your utensil holder above (even though this pack comes with one). 

These are just super cute. 

Sunflower Glass Jars - Wooden Lid

Store your Pasta, opened lollies, nuts, spices. 

Also any picked veggies you're making, overnight oats, storing veggies, cheese, these are so versatile . 

You always need a selection of Jars in your kitchen. 

Larger Sunflower Jars for Flour and Sugar etc.


Sunflower Heat Mat

Put your hot pots and pans down on the table with this sunflower shaped heat mat, can also protect your hand when touching the handle of a pot if you use it like a tea towel. 

Heats mats are super handy, I use mine almost every day. 

Sunflower Napkin Holder 

These are very cute for your dinner table, with just white napkins looks even cuter. 


This can also hold your mail before you open it or you chopping boards in the cupboard. 

Use it in the fridge to store open bags or spinach upright. 

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