Wacky Sponge Holders

Published on 15 March 2024 at 05:37

Get inspired and add some personality to your space with the most unique soap and sponge holders around!

Anyone that doesn't have a soap/sponge holder is missing out on a cute, cheap and honestly super handy staple in their kitchen. 


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Sit this little guy in your sink or up on the windowsill and make doing the dishes a hoppy experience. 

They also have a duck in the same style!

Over 500+ ratings with 4.7 stars

PELICAN Sponge & Cloth Holder

This holds your sponge and your cloth!! 

Turn it around and hang a tea towel on it instead if you have a small kitchen. 


Can stick above or inside your sink. 

Handy as a tea towel holder as well if you have no where to hang one. 


This little guy is so cute - it is the perfect sponge holder but can also hold cutlery or toothbrushes and drains excess water through the trunk. 

All things around the sink should be designed like this. 

Soap & Sponge Holder

This little guy is also versatile - it is a soap holder but would hold a sponge perfectly and even double as a jewllery holder. 

A colour to match every kitchen pallet. 

Foam Shaped

The little drainage nozzle is what got this one in here, the image has soap but this would be the perfect kitchen sponge holder. 



For all the princesses out there, this one is for you. Can also double as a soap holder in the bathroom or a sponge holder in the kitchen. 


This one is a quack up, drains into your sink and also doubles as a soap holder. 


Can also hold Pens, napkins, paper towel, letters and soap.

A must have! 

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